Remain in My Love

No matter where you come from or what kind of raisin’ you’ve had or what kind of life you’ve lived. …No matter if you’re in a season of lean or a season of plenty. No matter if you’ve really messed it up big or done everything “right”…No matter your color, size or zip code..

We are ALL looking for the same thing: Love

Even though we are all looking for the same thing, there’s a zillion different ways we go about it. We go “looking for love all the wrong places”……sounds like an old country song, right? It is….I grew up listening to 80’s country. Johnny Lee, 1980. Sure, it’s a great ballad cliche, but it’s true. We search for love in relationships, stuff, careers, etc, etc…….

But there’s only One way to get the love we are all searching for…..Remain in My Love.

Jesus said in John 15:9 “I have loved you even as the Father has loved me. Remain in my love.” Our joy is complete, like it says in the next couple of verses, by being filled to overflowing of His Love (verse 11). Abiding in and soaking in His Presence. Having a revelation of how much He really cares for you.

Remaining in His Love is like being grafted into a vine where the source of nourishment never runs out. That’s why He says “I am the vine and you are the branches” in that same chapter. Remaining in His Love is like being a well where the water never runs out or a waterfall that never ends. That’s why He says “Rivers of living water will flow from his heart” Mark 7:38


For all our searching and feeble attempts at being loved whether it’s through a relationship, food, drugs, possessions, job status, etc…the list goes on, there is nothing that satisfies more than the love of Christ. Nothing can compare to the security and safety of His Love.

So, no matter which side of the tracks you’ve been or where you are going, do you know how much He Loves you? Have you experienced a revelation of God’s Love?

But what if you don’t feel like He loves you??

Next time…….Part 2 Nothing Can Separate


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How Wide, How Deep, How High….

So we’ve survived the first month of school, but not without some bumps along the way.

Sometimes, those bumps feel like mountains.

Join me over at Prayers for Girls for my next guest post about Climbing Mountains with my girls!

Amy September post

*So much thanks for reading, sharing, and liking!!!


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I Know You

Dear Beloved,

I see you.

Yes, I see your prayers, your effort, and your good intentions. I see your desires and how you are waiting for things to take shape. I see your disappointments and your failures. I see every act of kindness, every act of service, and even when you hold your tongue. And yes, I also see every impatient word, every selfish motive, and every unholy thought. I see each act of wood, hay, or stubble, and I see every act of gold, silver, and precious stone.  I see you.

I know you.

I know your joys and what makes your heart soar. I know your dreams- the ones that have come to pass, the ones that are blooming, and even the ones that are a whisper in your heart. I know because when I knit you together I planted them there. I know your insecurities too. I know that you may look put together on the outside, but that little girl on the inside is unsure about everything. Yes, I know you.


I love you.

Hear me…..I love you. My Beloved, you must understand much I love you…no wait…I adore you! I love your strengths and skills. I love the way you’ve grown over the years. I even love the goofs you’ve made with a pure heart. Those are often the most precious to me. But, don’t ever think for a second that any mistake could make me love you less. My love will never change. I love you.

So, while you may sometimes wonder where I am, or if anything will ever change, or if any of it does any good……just remember:

I see you. I know you. I love you.

With All My Heart,

Abba Father


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Valued Not Successful

I want to let you in on a little secret of mine. Some of you may have figured it out already. I’ve always dreamed of being famous!

As a girl, I got bit by the stage bug singing, performing, and playing instruments. I Loved It! I remember as a teenager wondering if I could make it on Broadway or even become a vocal powerhouse singer.Where most people say, “I can’t stand speaking in front of people”,  I rather like it. Hand me the mic and I know exactly what to say!

Well, as you can tell, Broadway never called, and Adele is the reining queen!

As I grew up, however, I developed more of a desire to use my skills in ministry to encourage and share Christ with people. Even with my genuine desire to be more Kingdom focused than famous, that stage bug sometimes often reared its little head. The success of a presentation or performance fed that little bug so that I usually questioned myself-“Do they like me? Did I impress them? Am I better than her?” Even worse, when I messed up (which happened often) I was hugely embarrassed or insecure. Amywowshirt

My relationship with God was contingent upon my success as well. Or so I thought.  I felt like I had to be good enough so that God would approve of me. I felt good about my relationship with God when I was doing my best for Him. “If I moved them, surely God approved! I must be special if God used me”

God has certainly helped me to starve this pride-swelling, ego-flairing “famous-bug” through the years. I’m pretty good at recognizing when it tries bite me. So, it was an inspiration when I found a statement that dramatically changed the way I pray stopping this little guy dead in its tracks….This prayer quietly scrolled through my Facebook feed this year and sunk deep into my heart.

Lord, help me not to be successful but to be of value!”

Success. In the eyes of our culture, it is measured in numbers, ticket sales, accolades, and applause. It looks on the outside, the image we project, a facade.

Being of value, however, is measured by the intent of my heart to use my skills for others-to encourage the weary, inspire the hungry, and speak truth to the broken-hearted. It takes the expectation and pressure off of what I’m doing to get results and places the focus simply on loving my neighbor.  When being of value is the motivation of my heart, my efforts (powered by the Holy Spirit because He’s the One who does it all anyway) bear fruit lasting for eternity, not just momentary applause or praise. The ultimate result is that He gets all the glory, which we can agree is way better than being famous!bodyofChrist

So whether it’s been our largest WoW gathering in 2016 or quietly serving with that one precious baby in the nursery….whether I’m in front of a big crowd or just an audience of One, my prayer is to be of value rather than to be successful.

How are you being of value rather than being a success?



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Where do we start praying for our girls?

It’s a delight and honor to have the opportunity to share some encouragement at Prayers for Girls!! I will be joining several other girl moms in how we can all better prayer for our daughters. There are several ways you can get connected with a great bunch of moms:

-Visit Prayers for Girls and subscribe to the free monthly calendar of Scripture-based prayers for your girls

-Like Prayers for Girls Facebook page

-Read my first contributing blog post here: Where do we start praying for our girls?

-Check out my contributor’s page here: Amy Satterfield

Thank you for hopping over there to read it. I’m REAL excited!! Would you do me a favor and share it on Facebook or with a friend?


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A busy summer and some exciting news…

You would think the lazy days of summer have given me days and weeks of slouching around. You would think I would have all the time in the world to write and post and socialize on media during the hot summer days.

You would think…..

But no, it has actually been a very busy summer!

June is a celebration month for us. All four of my children’s birthdays and my husband’s and my anniversary are all in June. We’ve gone on a few road trips too.

And then, there’s the sleep overs and play dates, not to mention the swim days.

Then, there’s all the eating! Boy, these kids are eating all the time. So, grocery shopping seems to be often. VBS….there’s a week gone right there!

Add to that, I’ve been planning the WoW ReNew Retreat at the beginning of August.

All that to say….I just don’t get to write and post as much as I would like. I have a lot to say, there’s just not enough time or energy left at the end of the day to peck it out, but I’m hoping that’s about to change.

Very soon, I’m going to be back to sharing my thoughts (and hopefully) encouragement through this blog and on another wonderful site! Check out Prayers for Girls where you’ll read some wonderful women sharing their insight on praying for their girls. I am excited and honored to get to join them  in a journey to encouraging each other while we raise our girls! Once a month, I’ll be sharing some ideas at P4G, and I hope you’ll continue to read here and join me over there.

So…stay tuned for more from Women of the Way and discover all the great things happening at Prayer for Girls.


Lazy summer days are the best!

Summer days are the best!

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Friday Finds

I’ve shared several great resources for marriages. If you didn’t check them out, you should. Really. If I share it with you, I’m pretty much saying….”this is awesome”!

However, I realize there is SO MUCH emphasis on marriage and relationships that often those who find themselves single are left waffling in the wake of Cupid’s arrow among all the flowers and cards and chocolate.

If you find yourself in this position, then today’s Friday Find is for you!

Here is a really good article by Propel: Surviving the Relationship Status is a great article reflecting about the single life.

Haven’t heard of Propel?’ve got to check it out!

Propel was started by Christine Caine and is geared towards women in leadership especially in business with professional careers. They send out great videos and articles to encourage women to utilize their gifts and callings to be Christ in the community.

Several articles like this one address issues specifically geared towards women who are single which is often hard to find when so many other resources are focused on marriage and family.

Hope you enjoy it. If you like it, let me know and share it with someone else!


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